Alcanretia (アルカンレティア) is a city in Belzerg that serves as a headquarters for members of the Axis Order. It is widely known for its beautiful hot springs and its overbearing citizens. The hot springs are eventually purified and, while being viewed as a source of misfortune at first, it is later revealed that it wasn't entirely a disaster — if anything, it was a blessing in disguise, as the resulting water was extremely potent holy water, which would in the long term prove to be even more marketable and thus profitable than if Alcanretia to remain a hot springs town.


Number Name Image Details Debut
1Axis Church
Axis Church in Alcanretia
The main headquarters of the Axis Order.Season 2 Episode 8
2Alcanteria Inn
Alcanretia Inn
The inn that Kazuma and his party resided while staying in the city.Season 2 Episode 8
3Alcanteria Hot Spring
Alcanretia Hot Spring
A popular destination in Alcanretia.Season 2 Episode 8