Axel (アクセル) is a town in Belzerg where occupants are mostly beginner adventurers, and it is where most of the story takes place. It is known as one of the most peaceful, albeit strange, locations in all of the kingdom. The only reason why Axel is somewhat peaceful is because of the presence of both the lich Wiz and the devil Vanir, both former generals who served under the Demon King. Monsters avoid the former, while the Demon Lord’s lesser subordinates do so out of respect for the latter. Everywhere else is constantly at the mercy of demon raids and monster sieges. The city does not suffer from starvation or food shortages because it lies on a major migration route, has an early warning system in terms of when crops will attack, and benefits from the large standing army of adventurers to “harvest” said crops.


Number Name Image Details Debut
1Adventurer GuildGuildEpisode 1
2StableStableEpisode 1
3Eris Church
4Axis Church
5Wiz's ShopWiz's ShopEpisode 8
6Kazuma's MansionKazuma's MansionEpisode 8
7Succubus CaféSuccubus CaféEpisode 9