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The Crimson Magic Clan (紅魔族 Koumazoku?) is a clan of human arch wizards descended from those genetically enhanced by the Head Researcher centuries ago. They are noted for their crimson pupils, high magic affinity, chuunibyou culture, and awkward names. Their village is located in a remote forest between the rest of Belzerg Kingdom and the Demon Kingdom. Travel is restricted to expensive teleports or dangerous overland travels from Alcanretia.

Culture Edit

Their culture is an odd fusion of Japanese otaku culture inherited from the Researcher (who was a reincarnator from Japan) & the world of KonoSuba. Indeed, their names are all childish Japanese nicknames filled with pop references & puns (Bilbo Gates etc).

Funifura's name seems to be a compound onomatopeis of "funifuni" (to rub something soft) and "fura" (tremble, wobble). Megumin and Yuiyui are cutes-childish nicknames, Hyoizaburoh is a grandiose male name that you'd expect from an medieval Emperor, Komekko is the name of a Japanese franchise, Yunyun is the onomatopoeia for "telepathic waves sent by aliens" (a popular plot device in chuunibyou comedies), Nerimaki means "kneaded bread roll", Dodonko's name may come from a city mascot called "Dodonko-kun", the song "Dodonko dodonko" or something else that got buried among all the references to the other two, and Soketto means "socket".

Translation Note on "Crimson Magic" Edit

The Japanese word for them is Koumazoku, which literally means red-magic/demon-race. The ma (?) in the middle can be translated as either Magic as in mahou (魔法 magic spell?) or Demon as in maou (魔王 demon king?). Depending on where you see the English translation, you may see different names/translation. Below are some of the commonly used translations; bold name(s) is the most commonly used here:

  • Describing individual(s): Crimson Demon, Crimson Magic, koumazoku, Crimson Mage, Crimson Magic Clansman.
  • Describing the race: Crimson Magic Clan, koumazoku, Crimson Demon Clan, Crimson Demon, Crimson Mage.
  • Describing their home village: Crimson Magic Village, Home of Crimson Magic, Crimson Demon Village.

Characteristics Edit

Crimson Demons are easily recognized by their crimson eyes. Below are the other characteristics of Crimson Demons:

Traits: Edit

  • Crimson Eye and Dark Hair: They all have crimson irises and dark hair. When a Crimson Demon got excited or emotional, his/her irises also glow brightly.
  • High Intelligence, Magic, and Mana Reserve: They all have high magic-related stats. Some Crimson Demons can even become arch wizards from the moment of birth.
  • Weird names: They all have weird names, but apparently do not think so themselves. In fact, Megumin is so confident about her naming ability, she took every opportunity to demonstrate her skill. Her known victims include: Chomusuke (her female kitten familiar), Chunchunmaru (Kazuma's sword), and Jarippa (someone's pet dragon). She even offered to name Kazuma's kids in the future, which he promptly declined.
  • Tatoo: Crimson demons are tatooed with a number somewhere on their body. Megumin's is on her butt.

Personality: Edit

  • All of them are chuunibyous: Every last one of them, to various degrees. We have a lighter case in Yunyun, where she (falsely) believes she is not liked, and cannot make any friend. We have an extreme case and master-class in Arue, who can explain Crimson Magic culture with straight face and specializes in TURNING OTHER into believers of her stories. Then, we also have Megumin and many colorful assortments of chuunibyou-ness in between.
  • Need to stand out: Most of Crimson Demons (except Yunyun) like to show off. However, they don't do so for their arrogance or vanity. It is more like self-pride/responsibility of the performers to put on good shows. However, most of their non-Crimson Magic Clan "audiences" would probably disagree and prefer to interact more normally. Apparently, how to do interesting monologues and how to hype up the mood are also two of the "important" skills they would learn in school.
  • Flashy introductions required: The first formal introduction, especially to outsiders, is very important to them. They will always flip up their cloak, strike a pose, and shout out their introductions (their name, job class, spell tier, future aspiration, and the whole nine yards). They will even practice their speech and set up the background if there is time. To them, this is an essential etiquette; to most outsiders, ... well...    
  • Never back away from fights/competitive nature: Crimson Demons rarely start fights on their own, and few are dumb enough to start fights with them. However, they will never back away when challenged. Fighting against Crimson Demons, though, is a terrible idea, not just because they are insanely powerful arch wizards, but also because they like to turn the fights into battles of wits, and end up thoroughly embarrassing the opponents that way instead. It is implied that they are ultra competitive (but in friendly ways). Part of the reason why Crimson Demons are top-notch wizards is because they compete with themselves and everyone else to become even better. Nonetheless, they also spend way too much energy competing on very trivial matters, like who has the best introduction pose.
  • Megumin is bit an oddball though, as she will deliberately get into fights. She also takes "trivial" to an entirely new level. For example, she once tried to compete with Aqua by claiming Crimson Demons don't have to go to toilets when Aqua proclaimed that she has no use of toilets. (Even though she does have the needs, and Aqua wasn't really competing.)

Culture: Edit

  • Universal education: Every Crimson Magic children gets quality education to learn about magic usage and Crimson Magic culture. There is no exact time or age for graduation. The students can graduate after they have learned magic. Crimson Magic Clan also possess one of the best libraries in the land.
  • Magic-related professionals: Crimson Magic Clan are known for producing top-quality magic items and top-notch wizards. They also use magic heavily to improve their own lifestyles, from rapid reconstruction of the village to efficient farming and others. Elsewhere, only aristocrats and the riches have magic-powered refrigerator and bath, but in Crimson Magic Village, those are common household appliances. Each Skill-Up Potions would cost 10 million+ Eris elsewhere, but they are the regular prizes to the top students in school.

Background/Plot Edit

Light Novel Volume 5, Explosion Spinoff 1, and Explosion Spinoff 2 all took place (at least partially) in Crimson Magic Village. So we get the chance to read and experience the Crimson Magic cultures/quirks.

Gallery Edit

Members Edit

Main: Edit

  • Megumin: Main party's one Explosion a day Arch Wizard.
  • Yunyun: A shy but competent Arch Wizard, who is a self-proclaimed rival of Megumin, though she acts more like and is Megumin's best friend.)

Others: Edit

  • Yuiyui: Megumin's mom.
  • Hyoizaburo: Megumin's dad, a "famous" magic item artisan.
  • Komekko: Megumin's younger sister.
  • Soketto: Village's diviner. Her divination is 100% accurate but her vision will show nothing if the matter somehow involves herself. She is also the love interest of Buzucoily.
  • Buzucoily: Megumin's neighbor, a NEET, and the leader of "Anti-Demon King Army Guerilla Unit." (The name may sounds cool, but in reality Demon King's Army rarely attack Crimson Magic Village, and, even when they do, they have no chance against the Crimson Magic Clan.)  He loves Soketto.
  • Buzucoily's Dad: Owner of the Number One (the only) shoe shop of the village.
  • Chekera: Owner of the Number One (the only) tailor shop of the village.
  • Village Chief: Yunyun's dad.
  • Arue: Megumin and Yunyun's friend and schoolmate.
  • Funifura & Dodonko: Megumin and Yunyun's schoolmate. They have stuck-up personality, but are not bad people.
  • Plus many others.

Trivia Edit

  • Likely due to their relatively modern diet, hygiene & disease control, Crimson Demons are generally described as better looking than the rest of the KonoSuba citizens.
  • It is implied that Crimson Demons do occasionally marry outsiders. A fan theory is that Crimson Magic Clan has such dominate genes that the offsprings from mixed marriages will still have all the Crimson Magic traits. (Could Yunyun's mom be a normal human?)
  • Crimson Demons call Japanese reincarnators, usually with dark hair and dark eyes, as "hero candidates," as most of them had some type of cheat items or abilities and aimed to defeat Demon King.

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