When Darkness was young, she didn't have any friends, so she prayed to Eris daily for one. As if to answer her prayers, Darkness meets Eris, disguised as Chris, after one of her church visits. They became best friends, and Chris serves as Darkness's teammate until she is forced to work in Aqua's old position. This causes Chris to be away from Axel most of the time. Nevertheless, Chris and Darkness are still very close and meet up whenever possible.

Satou KazumaEdit

Kazuma refuses Darkness' initial approach to join the party but eventually concedes. While she fulfills his fetish for an "onee-san with great figure", her personality turns him off. Despite this, he often looks at her with lecherous eyes. Vanir teases them by stating that both Darkness and Kazuma have affection for each other, but fear crossing the line of adventurer comrades, embarrassing both of them. Darkness often blurts out perverted thoughts, which Kazuma often snarks at either verbally or mentally. Nonetheless, she seems to enjoy his verbal abuse, much to Kazuma's dismay. Though he considers her the most useless member in his party, he does sincerely care for her, and vice versa. Darkness also sees Kazuma as a good friend whom she can trust and rely on. Later on in the story, Darkness starts to develop feelings for Kazuma after he saves her from her arranged marriage. She will not hesitate to punish him when she discovers his involvement with troublesome matters, such as him being the advisor to the festival. In volume 12, she reveals that she likes him, and has been "obsessed with him" since he rescued her from Alderp. She kisses Kazuma on the lips when she has a major breakdown after he rejects her. As of volume 12, Megumin and Darkness start competing for Kazuma's affection, and in volume 13, Darkness tries to seduce Kazuma by offering to bathe him. Before she can follow through however, Megumin arrives after returning from a trip to her village and stops Darkness.


They get along well enough to converse normally. She isn't easily annoyed by Aqua's antics. Aqua helps lift the curse Verdia places on her.


They get along well enough to converse normally. Darkness takes the curse from Verdia that was initially intended for Megumin.