Character Song Cover
Give the Bonus to These Wonderful Singers!
 Japanese 唄う我らに臨時報酬を!)
 Romaji Utau Warera ni Rinji Houshuu wo!
 Singer Aqua (Amamiya Sora)
Megumin (Takahashi Rie)
Darkness (Kayano Ai)
Luna (Hara Sayuri)
Satou Kazuma (Fukushima Jun)
 Release Date March 9, 2016

Give the Bonus to These Wonderful Singers! ((うた)(われ)らに臨時報酬(りんじほうしゅう)を!) is the Konosuba character song album.


  1. Right☆eye
  2. Mizuiro Illumination (水色イルミネーション)
  3. Do M
  4. Hello Goodbye (ハローグッバイ)
  5. Good for Nothing BLUES (ろくでもないBLUES)
  6. Right☆eye(off vocal ver.)
  7. Mizuiro Illumination (水色イルミネーション)(off vocal ver.)
  8. Do M(off vocal ver.)
  9. Hello Goodbye (ハローグッバイ)(off vocal ver.)
  10. Good for Nothing BLUES (ろくでもないBLUES)(off vocal ver.)


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