Episode 6 Title
A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight!
 Japanese このろくでもない戦いに決着を!
 Romaji Kono Rokudemonai Tatakai ni Kecchaku wo!
 Volume Volume 1
 Air Date February 17, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening fantastic dreamer
 Ending Chiisana Boukensha
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 5
 Next Episode 7

A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight! (このろくでもない(たたか)いに決着(けっちゃく)を!) is the sixth episode of the Konosuba anime.


Annoyed that Megumin had still been using his castle for explosion practice, Verdia, after proving easily susceptible to Aqua's purification magic, summons an undead army which is quickly defeated by Megumin's explosion magic. As Verdia then battles against Darkness, Kazuma deduces that he is weak against water and has Aqua attack him with a flood. Managing to weaken him, Kazuma manages to steal Verdia's head, giving Aqua the chance to defeat him with her magic. The next day, Kazuma and his party earn a hefty reward for defeating Verdia, which is immediately put towards paying off the damages Aqua's flood caused to the |town.


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the Light Novel, the furious Beldia was able to stop himself before slamming his own head on the ground. In the Anime, Beldia got so mad at Kazuma's party, he slammed his head on the ground.
  • In the LN, the group of Undead Knights accompanied Beldia to Axel. In the Anime, they were summoned with magic.
  • Megumin was exhausted, after she used Explosion to take out all the Undead Knights underlings. In the LN, she tried to attack the Axel adventurers when they complimented her, but referred to her as "Crazy Girl." The Anime Megumin just ask Kazuma to remember the adventurers faces, so she can take her revenges on them later.
  • In the LN, Aqua defeated the weakened Beldia, after Darkness cut through part of Beldia's armor. In the Anime, they already established Darkness' extraordinary ability to miss stationary target. So they changed the plot into Beldia was severely weakened and could be defeated by Sacred Turn Undead.


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