Konosuba Volume 8 Cover
Axis Kyoudan VS Eris Kyoudan
 Japanese アクシズ教団VSエリス教団
 Romaji Akushizu Kyoudan VS Erisu Kyoudan
 Pages 284
 Release Date December 26, 2015
 ISBN 978-4-0410-3540-5
 Cover Eris
• Volume Chronology•
 Previous Volume 7
 Next Volume 9

Axis Kyoudan VS Eris Kyoudan (アクシズ教団(きょうだん)VSエリス教団(きょうだん)) is the eighth volume in the Konosuba light novel series.



  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Gifting this Dragon with Glory!
  • Chapter 2: Gifting This Sacred Armor With A Master!
  • Chapter 3: Gifting this talented adviser with responsibilities!
  • Chapter 4: Gifting Beautiful Fireworks To The Night Sky!
  • Chapter 5: Gifting A Legend To This City of Rookies!
  • Epilogue 1: Giving Thanks And Blessings To The Goddess
  • Epilogue 2: After the End of the Festival



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