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Konosuba Volume 9 Cover
Kurenai no Shukumei
 Japanese 紅の宿命
 Romaji Kurenai no Shukumei
 Pages 285
 Release Date June 30, 2016
 ISBN 978-4-0410-3954-0
 Cover Megumin
• Volume Chronology•
 Previous Volume 8
 Next Volume 10

Kurenai no Shukumei ((くれない)宿命(しゅくめい)) is the ninth volume in the KonoSuba light novel series.



  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Joyfully passing these peaceful days!
  • Chapter 2: Growth for these unchanging adventurers!
  • Chapter 3: One night with this red-haired beauty!
  • Chapter 4: A holy prayer for this uninfluential god!
  • Chapter 5: Exploding this evil god!
  • Epilogue 1: For the sake of this person
  • Epilogue 2: Dear Onii-sama



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