Magic (魔法(まほう))


Magic requires magic power to be used, and if a person runs out of it, they become unable to move. Certain magic require more mana than others, the cost rising the stronger the magic is, with Explosion's cost being exceptionally high. Mages can substitute mana from "Manatite" crystals if their own reserves are too small.

Magic with a holy attribute have sacred added while those with the evil attribute have cursed added. In addition, even powerful magic have highness added behind that, such as Sacred Highness Exorcism.




Name User Effect Debut
Tinder (ティンダー) Kazuma Conjures a small blaze in the user's hands. It is too weak to directly harm enemies. Volume 2
Create Water (クリエイト・ウォーター) Kazuma Shoots a jet of water to soak the target. Volume 1
Create Earth (クリエイト・アース) Kazuma Generates a pile of dirt which can be thrown to confuse enemies. Volume 2
Wind Breath (ウインドブレス) Kazuma Summons a gust of wind which can redirect small projectiles. Volume 2
Freeze (フリーズ) Kazuma Creates an expanding sheet of ice from any water source, including atmospheric moisture. Volume 2


Name User Effect Debut
Fireball (ファイアーボール) Create a round flaming object.
Blade of Wind (ブレード・オブ・ウインド)
Freeze Gust (フリーズガスト) Freezes a wide area.
Lightning (ライトニング) Rain
Wind Curtain (ウインドカーテン) Lean Summons a gust of wind to act as a protective barrier. Volume 2
Sleep (スリープ) Yuiyui An insidious spell which quietly puts a target to sleep. Victims rarely realize they have been cursed. Volume 5
Paralyze (パラライズ) Makes a person unable to move.
Flash (フラッシュ)
Lock (ロック) Allows the user to lock or seal any object.
Unlock (アンロック) Chris Allows the user to open up any lock or unseal in place.


Name User Effect Debut
Inferno (インフェルノ)
Earthshaker (アースシェイカー)
Tornado (トルネード)
Crystal Prison (凍結魔法(クリスタルプリズン)) Wiz Allows the user to encase victims in ice. Volume 4
Lightning Strike (ライトニング・ストライク)
Explosion (爆裂魔法(エクスプロージョン)) Megumin
Allows the user to summon forth a devastatingly large incendiary detonation. Volume 1
Energy Ignition (エナジー・イグニッション)
Bottomless Swamp (泥沼魔法(ボトムレス・スワンプ)) Yunyun
Allows the user to create a purple "bottomless" marsh in front of them. Anyone that comes in contact with it sinks.
Light of Saber (ライト・オブ・セイバー) Yunyun Generates a lightning-based plasma whip able to slice almost anything. Volume 3
Teleport (空間転移魔法(テレポート)) Yunyun
Instantaneously transports the user to a far away location.
Light of Reflection (姿消しの魔法(ライト・オブ・リフレクション))
Silent (サイレント)
Freeze Bind (フリーズバインド)
Ankle Snare (アンクルスネア)
Control of Weather (コントロール・オブ・ウェザー)
Magic Canceller (マジックキャンセラー)


Name User Effect Debut
Heal (回復魔法(ヒール)) Aqua
Resurrection (復活魔法(リザレクション)) Aqua Grants the user the power to revive a person from death. Volume 1
Turn Undead (ターンアンデッド) Aqua A spell used to purify undead souls. Volume 1
Exorcism (退魔魔法(エクソシズム)) Aqua Purifies undead and lingering spirits with earthly attachments.
Break Spell (ブレイクスペル) Aqua A spell that can nullify dark magic and curses
Purification (浄化魔法(ピュリフィケーション)) Aqua A spell that allows the user to purify water.
Force Fire (フォルスファイア)
Puppet (傀儡(かいらい))
Blessing (祝福) Aqua A spell that increases luck
Powered Aqua A spell that increases attack


Name User Effect Debut
Create Earth Golem (クリエイト・アースゴーレム)