Skills (スキル) are various abilities that an adventurer can learn through their Adventurer Card.


Skills help the user in various ways such as stealing items or increasing their attack power, and they can be trained through repeated usage. While the usage of magic is included under skills, when cast it is referred to as magic rather than a skill.



Name User Effect Debut
Steal (窃盗(スティール)) Kazuma
Steals a random item based on the user's luck. Volume 1
Enemy Detection (敵感知(てきかんち)) Kazuma Shows enemies from a distance through inferred vision. Volume 2
Concealment (潜伏(せんぷく)) Kazuma Let's the user lurk in the shadows for a small amount of time and escape from danger Volume 1
Bind (バインド) Kazuma
Summons ropes that tie an enemy Volume 6
Foresight (先見(せんけん)) Kazuma Allows the user to navigate through dark lit places. Volume 2


Name User Effect Debut
Bow ((ゆみ)) Kazuma
Snipe (狙撃(そげき)) Kazuma Increases accuracy for long ranged attacks based on luck. Volume 3
Clairvoyance (千里眼(せんりがん)) Kazuma


Name User Effect Debut
Decoy (デコイ) Darkness Attracts the attention of monsters.
Two Handed Sword (両手剣(りょうてけん)) Darkness Allows the user to carry a two handed sword or other heavy weapon.


Name User Effect Debut
Drain Touch (ドレインタッチ) Kazuma
Absorbs or transfers strength and stamina. Volume 2
Undead King's Hand (不死王(ふしおう)()) Wiz


Name User Effect Debut
Beauties of Nature (花鳥風月(かちょうふうげつ)) Aqua Spray water fountains from Japanese war fans Volume 1
Versatile Entertainer (ヴァーサタイル・エンターテイナー) Aqua Volume 7



Name User Effect Debut
Black Smith (かぬち) Kazuma Ability to forge and fix weapons.


Name User Effect Debut
Freeze Freezes Area
Tinder Launches fireball from palm of hand

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