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    There are a lot subtle details in anime, where they are either explained or heavily implied in the Light Novels. While it is not necessary to know those, some of those details will bring extra chuckles to the people who do notice them:

    • As a goddess, Aqua is suppose to be one of the most beautiful female character in the series.
    • To learn the language of Fantasy World instantaneously, they load the person's brain with all the necessary information; the process could severely damage the brain of the incarnated. We saw Aqua quickly gloss over the side effect, and "accidentally" covered the warning notes in her booklet.
    • The higher-up gods or goddesses really wanted to get rid of Aqua or at least send her to the Fantasy World. That is implied by t…

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  • Vizard6991


    January 20, 2017 by Vizard6991

    Hi guys, nice to meet you all. Names is Vizard, and I'm an new admin here...but you can just call me insert blank. hahaha

    I'll probably update with more stuff later, but here are some questions I've seen flying around so far, and things I want to say for now.

    In regards to the episodes, trivia should keep major speculation on spoilers to a minimum, since opinions vary from individual. The same opinion might not be shared by the same person, so to prevent future arguments, they should be left out. They trivia section should be more like Easter Egg facts.

    As for the distinction between plot and summary, summary is around 3-4 sentences, while plot is as lengthy as the writer chooses. While it may seem repetitive to some, that is where the beauty…

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